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As Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Author, Teacher and Speaker, she carries out national and

international training actions in personal development, workshops, individual and group


“My work integrates the transpersonal function. A internal journey is made to the world

between worlds."

At the core a creative process wich includes:

Induction of a altered state of consciuosness and relaxation of the body, breathing practices,

and focus of attention (trance).

Access to our unconscious , to the internal resources and unlimited potential, to memories,

enhancing past learnings, giving new meaning to lived experiences and emotions

The Intuitive Reading works like a kind of x-ray that connects mind and spirit working on the

level of blocks generated by traumatic experiences, physical health problems, signs that point

to life purposes, among others.

The Energetic Medicine focuses on the body´s energy fields that organize and control the

growth and repair of cells, tissues, and organs.


Seeks to know the language of each being and tune in to it to access their unconscious, putting their inner life back in motion. Doors, entrances, maps and conduits open up to territories of initiation.

Our unconscious contains within itself the psychic key, the ability to clear paths full of symbology and archetypes, leading us to find the true answers to the deepest questions of our inner life. This pioneering allows the development of the ability to analyze everything that is behind the easily observable and consequently the ability to support what is visible.

As it respects individual values, beliefs and standards, it is able to act without causing possible resistance.

Through the induction of a state of relaxation of the body and focus of attention (trance) an internal journey is made to the world between worlds. Access to our internal resources and unlimited potential, to memories, enhancing past learnings, giving new meaning to lived experiences and emotions.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy goes beyond the personal, transcending the boundaries of the ego, three-dimensional space and the concept of linear time, leading to an expansion of consciousness.


It is a therapeutic method that mirrors parts of the Self through a deeply human and caring observation of unconscious aspects that hinder and limit a life of freedom, truth and love. From the Self we move to the family system revealing ancestral dynamics that span several generations in a given family encouraging the subject, through representatives, to find and accept the factual reality of the past. By opening space for new understanding, it invites us to deconstruct patterns of behavior that block us, to resignify, reconstruct and integrate the fragmented parts of the Self and bring Order to the family system.


Fully customized individual retreats for each being or group retreats. Both aim to withdraw from the world, seeking to establish a connection with the sacred. Through deep contact with Nature, Body, Art, Silence, Rituals and Ancestral Techniques, the healing process of body, soul and heart is facilitated. For all those who want to go beyond the visible and experience deep levels of intimacy and reconnection between mind, body and spirit.


Human development workshops aimed at teaching, clinics, companies and personal development events. They open doors for the deepening and improvement of techniques and new learning that go beyond rigid belief systems that restrict human consciousness. They promote high levels of awareness, creativity and allow a real connection since everyone has an active participation. They are experiential events, which bring practice and theory and, above all, the co-creation by the participating group of something totally new.


Is based on the scientifically accepted fact that everything in our Universe is made up of energy, including the human body. Energy Medicine, at its core, focuses on the body's energy fields that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissues, and organs. Energy Medicine is an integrative approach that expands principles and practices of therapeutic approaches whose purpose is to decrease suffering, pain and illness; strengthen feelings of happiness, joy and satisfaction with life; awakening creativity and developing intuition; increase focus and mental clarity; improve balance, harmony and well-being; enhance the discovery of the potential that exists in each one of us.


It’s a tool of communication to connect mind and spirit.  An intuitive Reading works like a kind of x-ray that detects physical and emotional imbalances. From this connection comes a lot of information such as the clarification, reframing and resolution of important events from the past, crystallized emotions and feelings, blocks generated by traumatic experiences, beliefs, behavior patterns, physical health problems, signs that point to life purposes, among others.

An intuitive reading brings a greater awareness of who the person is and their role in the world. It makes understandable many of the motivations behind certain behaviors and ways of living. It provides a greater perspective of the meaning of life, which leads to decision-making and self-healing and unlocking processes.


Through the creation of a safe and sacred space, the couple is allowed to express themselves without masks in a serious commitment through love and freedom. Bringing to consciousness the richness of how a couple in balance and in total acceptance of the individual process of each one, can rise to levels of consciousness and evolution that are only possible in the relationship. A sensory journey to unify and heal the wounds of the feminine and masculine.

A long-awaited reunion of souls.


Sofia Carrera Perez - English Speaking Therapist in Lisbon and Belem


She is the full moon lighting the path when all around you feels like darkness. With her gentle warm voice she guides you holding your hand through hell and back assuring you that you are not alone in this journey of healing. She has been a true inspiration to me and couldn’t be more grateful to have her by my side in this journey. Her sessions are filled with genuine love and care and compassion. Thank you Sofia.




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