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Updated: Dec 10, 2022

The Boom Festival is a biennial transformational, multidisciplinary, psychedelic and sustainable festival that happens every two years in Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal. Editions are in sync with the full moon.

Today, Boom is a festival that gathers people from all around the globe that resonate with the mantra words of the festival such as Oneness, Music, Peace, Arts, Environment, Culture and Love. It is a 100% independent festival. It is renowned as a leading example of sustainability oriented festival.

And in this magical Land everything we really need we can find if we have the courage to bring an open heart, if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and trust in magic.

I had the privilege of being invited to work in this magical land as a Therapist.

Of all the individual sessions I have given to adults, regardless of gender, age and nationality, in all of them there has been a common link: our deeply human desire to connect and be part of something bigger than ourselves.

In each contact I have healed and retrieved parts of myself.

Deeply grateful to all the children and adults I came across. I know that many of them know what they meant to me.

From barefoot, covered in dust, to bathing in the lake, in an intense contact with nature. Between rituals, spontaneous sharing, lots of music and dance, we were finding ourselves again, connecting the loose ends, healing old and painful wounds. And it is only in this deep contact with the Earth that we come back to our essence and a humility, a true recognition of who we are, reaches us. In this simplicity and in this surrender. Hundreds of eternal seekers were able to live profoundly transformative and inspiring experiences.

The promise of each one was to bring back to the world everything Being Gathering reminded us of: this courage to be ourselves, to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, without masks. To carry our truth. Being responsible, acting according to the situations as they present themselves. Contributing to a better world, breaking down obsolete and repressive structures. Taking new paradigms, new knowledge, new ways of looking. In a deep respect for all living beings and for our Planet.

Thank you to the whole BOOM FESTIVAL team who were extraordinary.

I leave here this sentence that represents everything I have experienced and lived:

Union in Love creates Empires ❤️🌏

Sofia Pérez

Therapist, Author, Teacher

"We Feel Honoured to Have You at Boomland this Summer"

"Reflection and realignment, community, celebration, sharing and reconnection to nature are paramount. In this pandemic we went through a large scale experience of isolation. One thing is certain: for over a year now, we’ve been living in a period of profound separation."

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