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Updated: Dec 10, 2022

The years go by quickly...naturally we begin to question everything and start the Way back home.

And I go looking inside myself, at the many "selves" that make up the patchwork of my versions. I have been the princess looking for the prince, the passionate lover of impulses, the pessimistic philosopher, the obstinate student. I have played an Artemisia battling windmills and unyielding fortresses, and also an Athena imprisoned by reason.

There is one glory, however, that cannot be denied to me: that I was many and unique, that I escaped as much as I could from the stereotypes of plasticity and superficiality. In my incoherence, there has always been authenticity, I have always exposed all my inner anarchy through different "selves": some more naive, others more aggressive, some happier and others more suffering.

And for all this, I grant myself the right to not fit into a Cartesian and politically correct logic. Let the suffocating system keep its codes and rules. In my system, chaos and structured order are the standard, I have no rigid routes and I surrender to the currents, and I go, I know my boat will not let me sink.

Today I am like this, but tomorrow, who knows? If we are in constant becoming? Today I believe, tomorrow I may doubt. Today I have an opinion, but I may change it.

Sofia Pérez

Therapist, Author, Teacher

I believe that the greatest WORK, the greatest GIFT a Woman can offer the World is:

To find herself again

To become herself again

To recover her wild instincts

Drink from the primordial Source

Purge the old blood

Listen to the voice of the old pebbles and the wisdom of the Wind

Sofia Pérez

Therapist, Author, Teacher

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