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Disruptive. Eternal student and seeker.

Passionate about people and the phenomena of the mind.

I was born in December 1974 in Lisbon but my roots come from Galicia through my father and from Guarda through my mother.

I am a mother of 3 amazing beings: a woman and a couple of teenage twins.


Since childhood I realized that I felt the world around me in a different way and it was in nature, writing and theater that I found my safe place. After some events for which I could not find an answer in conventional medicine, I decided to look for a different path. This led me to rescue something very valuable that had been taken away from me. I immersed myself in studies and could see for myself how hypnotherapy and energy medicine heal our physical and emotional bodies.


After 22 years as a financial and human resources manager, it was in communication management that I discovered my passion for people development. Fascinated by the human mind, the transition to the areas of personal development was a very natural process that began 15 ago in Coaching and in Transpersonal Hypnotherapie.

Being a therapist and teacher came naturally from my desire to facilitate the evolution of every human being. I get inspiration from my family, people, art, and philosophy. The works I currently develop are the result of a personal and professional process that began in coaching and hypnotherapy and began to expand to areas such as teaching, research, philanthropy, energetic medicine and shamanism.


I created in partnership, in 2016, the Solar Quinta do Pouchão project a space that hosts retreats and workshops.  Its purpose is to prepare each of us to live the pursuit of our spirituality and incorporate it into our daily lives. In the hundreds of people and works that pass through the Pouchão I experience and observe the infinite capacities we have to transform and recreate ourselves all the time.


In 2019 I integrate the Art Healing Lands project. It is a dynamic research-intervention method with theoretical and practical roots in Art Therapy (psychological treatment method mediated by the Arts) developed and applied over 12 years, in school, prison and private practice (Atelier) contexts.

In 2020 I will be part of the coordination team and teachers of the first master course in Emotional Education and Applied Creativity in Cape Verde. This master's intends to create the basis to introduce emotional education in all schools in the country.


All the projects I am part of have given voice and body to my need to contribute to a paradigm shift in the way we live our lives by creating new infrastructures so that together we can create a more cooperative, fair and harmonious society.

Sofia Carrera Perez - English Speaking Therapist in Lisbon and Belem
Sofia Carrera Perez - English Speaking Therapist in Lisbon and Belem
Sofia Carrera Perez - English Speaking Therapist in Lisbon and Belem


Sofia Carrera Perez - English Speaking Therapist in Lisbon and Belem


She is the full moon lighting the path when all around you feels like darkness. With her gentle warm voice she guides you holding your hand through hell and back assuring you that you are not alone in this journey of healing. She has been a true inspiration to me and couldn’t be more grateful to have her by my side in this journey. Her sessions are filled with genuine love and care and compassion. Thank you Sofia.




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